Twice a week is all it takes.


Here goes a great truth. It is easier to do more of what we already do. The inertia to get started is hard to overcome. Put it behind you and you will achieve great things.

We will not call it a habit yet. Let’s call it a dare. The point is, you will come to the school to do a BJJ class twice a week. No matter what, no matter when. It can be two days in a row or many days apart. Don’t ask whether it is enough; for the time being, it is. Your goal is to come to the school and get your BJJ class done, twice a week. Don’t overthink it.

As simple as it might seem, you will be tempted to stray. One day can be a storm, another will be a gorgeous sunny day. Friends will ask you out, or the family might will need you. Work can get on your way, or you will simply have better ideas on how to spend your leisure time. You can get all that done, but shuffle things around so you do your BJJ too. Twice a week.

When all hell breaks loose and you can still maintain this discipline, you will be overwhelmed with a great sense of accomplishment. Fulfilling your BJJ quota can free your mind to focus on your life problem of the week, instead of whining that you’d rather be doing something else (BJJ of course). I am not downplaying the importance or the severity of the problems you are going through; only you know how deep is the hole you got yourself into. And don’t feel guilty; you are not putting BJJ first. Remember, it is only twice a week.

If you can maintain a minimum amount of training when life is though, it will be a breeze for you to come more often when life allows. Had you been away for a whole month or two, the comeback would hurt a lot more. And unfortunately for some people, that will never come. Life is about balance, so a little bit of BJJ on one side of the scale will keep it leveled.