Ration for the urban warrior

Wouldn’t it be great to have a healthy, raw, vegan and fast meal that takes no mental effort to get done? Everyday?



I get a lot of questions about what I put in my morning shake. While I enjoy cooking and making food tastes great, sometimes I just want to have the right things in my body, without thinking about it too much. It is easy to be disciplined when it becomes a routine.

This is a non-exclusive list of items that I have in my diet, and you should too. There are plenty of tasty recipes to be found online, but who has the time (or the skills) to try them regularly?

I hereby present you the solution: a morning shake.

To be clear, I don’t have it every morning by the way. Sometimes I replace a meal with it (lunch or dinner).

Let’s get some things out of the way first:

– No, it does not taste great. Far from it actually.
– It does have some exotic hard-to-find items, but once you get them, it becomes just a matter of throwing them into the blender. Buy in bulk and store; they have a long shelf life.
– Talking about blenders, spend a little and get yourself a good one. Vitamix or Blentec are as good as it gets, Nutri-bullet is the best entry-level. Anything cheaper is a waste of money.
– Don’t worry so much about quantities, or missing an item every now and then. We are talking about food here, not drugs. No need to be so precise.
– Go local/organic if you can. Otherwise, eat them anyway… still better than nothing.

And finally… the list. Blend it with water, or the nut milk of your choice:

– spinach
– carrot
– beets
– zucchini
– frozen berries ( I buy bag of mixed berries)
– banana (can be frozen also)
– cacao
– maca
– spirulina
– chlorella
– flax
– chia
– pumpkin
– sunflower
– hemp

So here it goes. Just think how much healthier your diet would be if you ate all of the above consistently. You could even afford to stray a little and indulge on something you can’t live without. 😉

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