On layers and Jiu-Jitsu

Much is said about specific moves, speedy transitions, flashy submissions and so on.

Such approach relies on everything going well, according to your plan; A single deadly techniques that finishes the fight right then and there.

In BJJ, that is rarely the case.

I like a lot the concept of layers. Layers of attack or defense, depending on what end of the stick you are.

A successful move needs to be followed by another. And yet another, until you reach your final goal: the submission.

Let’s use the guard as an example. The first layer would be the closed guard. Once it is opened, you might have to deal with a butterfly guard. Put that behind you and the opponent might lock you in his half-guard. And even when you finally reach the side-control, there is one final layer, holding your position for at least 3 seconds. A lot longer preferably.

All those layers, and we just broke down a guard pass. A good guard player will add a lot more layers, to confuse and frustrate you. Think about all the other positions in BJJ, and the numbers of layers increase exponentially

Confusing enough?

Just accept the following: no single move will award you the victory. Your ability to pierce through your opponent’s layers will. You can apply this concept for any position you get yourself into.

A tough opponent will challenge you by adding several layers of defense. However, the idea is the same, it might just take a little longer.

To win, you will have to break every layer of defense that you encounter. It does not matter the number, just keep moving forward.

At the end, victory will go to the fighter that not only is more skilled; but the one that has the persistence and patience to keep going.

Nobody said it’d be easy. 😉


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