Montreal Jiu Jitsu Coaching

If you live in the Montreal area, or if you happen to be in town, I invite you to attend a real private Jiu Jitsu session at our school.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is arguably one of the most difficult martial arts to learn. Hence why the ones that master it truly stand out.
Given the subtleness of each technique and the different possible variations, having a teacher exclusively dedicated to you can make your learning a lot easier.
Some students choose to learn the gentle art entirely through private training. Others see it as great complement to their group classes.
Regardless of your motivation to have a private class, my goal is to have your problem solved. Whatever it might be.
Bring me your questions and the puzzles you can’t figure out by yourself. It’ll be fun to solve them together. My Jiu Jitsu private sessions are 100% customized, so you are guaranteed a unique training experience that suits your specific needs.

We can book your session according to your availability. I will be in touch to schedule it ASAP.



If you prefer to book your Jiu Jitsu session over the phone or by email, either call us at (514) 932-5777 or write us at

Prof. Bruno Fernandes

4th Degree Gracie Barra Black Belt

Multiple time World Champion